Agil's Coloring Book

Agil's Coloring Book 1.0

This free and fun coloring book allows kids to express their artistic skills
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Agil’s coloring book is an entertaining free coloring application for kids to express their artistic skills. They will spend their time learning and coloring pictures as they please, or following Agil’s picture model. The application is so easy to use and intuitive, that even young kids will start using it right away. While they are coloring a picture of their choice, famous background songs, as well as loud voices, will accompany every click they make.

Another good point about Agil’s coloring book is that more clipart can be added to the default list of images by using the feely-available WMF files commonly used in MS Office. To add these images, you have to copy the wmf files and paste them in the program’s folder, and when you open the book again the images will be there ready to be colored. Clipart images are easily found and downloadable in internet. Besides, you have the chance of expanding the list of midi songs, using the same procedure as with the images. One problem with the application is that there is no option to disable the voices, which is a shame, because they are so loud and annoying that some kids may not like them.

Kids' colored creations can be saved in order to print them and show them to family and friends. Agil’s coloring book allows you to enter a password in order to protect certain features. And the best part is that it is absolutely free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Lots of images to color
  • Familiar backgroung songs
  • Entertaining


  • Voices are too loud and annoying that some kids may not like them
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